IGCH 1889

Closing date: 470 B.C. - 460 B.C.
1889 Cittanuova, 45 km. NE of Reggio, 
(253)     Bruttium, 1879
    Burial: c. 470-460 B.C. (K) 
    Contents: c. 600? AR
    Taras: 1 st. (incuse)
      Ami-: 1 st. (incuse)
    Laus: 4 st. (1 incuse; 3 double-relief) 
         Metapontum: very numerous st. (all incuse, 
        to Noe 220 ff.)
         Poseidonia: 2 st. (incuse)
         Sybaris: numerous st.; 1 dr.
         Caulonia: very numerous st. (incuse)
            1 st. (double-relief as Noe 80) 
         Croton: numerous st. (incuse)
            1 st. (double-relief, rev. tripod) 
         Croton/Sybaris: 1 st.
    Disposition: Naples 10 (see NSc 1879); 
        Berlin some
    NSc 1879, pp. 26-7
    von Duhn, ZfN 1880, pp. 308-11
    The double-relief stater of Croton might be 
        thought to indicate a date of burial 
        later than that suggested above. The 
        coin in question, however, was prob-
        ably a specimen of the rather crude 
        experimental issue in double-relief (cf. 
        SNGLockett 611), which is to be dated 
        sometime before the final abandonment 
        of the incuse fabric c. 450 B.C. or after

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