IGCH 1905

Closing date: 440 B.C. - 380 B.C.
1905 Pyrgi, 10 km. W of anc. Caere, Etru-
    ria, 1957
    Burial: c. 440 B.C. (Mattingly); 384 (Co-
    Contents: 9 AR. Found during excavation of 
        temple site
    Leontini: 1 tetradr. 
         Messana: 1 tetradr.
         Syracuse: 3 tetradr. (latest Boehringer 670) 
    Athens: 4 tetradr. (5th cent.)
    Disposition: Villa Giulia, Rome
† Colonna, CIN 1961. Atti, pp. 167-77, illus. 
    Mattingly, AIIN Suppl. (1969), p. 221
    Colonna's date is that of the sack of Pyrgi 
        by Dionysius I, though none of the 
        coins recovered requires so late a date. 
        Mattingly's date is rather too early for 
        some of the Athenian owls

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