IGCH 1909

Closing date: 389 B.C.
1909 Caulonia, Bruttium, 1915
    Burial: 389 B.C. (Orsi)
    Contents: 18 AR. Pot hoard, prob. complete
    Sybaris: 1 incuse st.
            1 hemidr. (Athena/bull) 
         Thurium: 4 st.
            3 hemidr. (wreath on helmet)
         Caulonia: 3 st. (cf. Noe 69)
         Croton: 4 st. (1 medium, 3 dumpy incuse) 
            1 hemidr. (rev. eagle, incuse) 
         Terina: 1 st. (Regling not)
    Disposition: accessioned at Syracuse, but 
        no longer there; possibly at Reggio 
        (see Currò)
    Orsi, MonAnt 1914, pp. 941-4, Terina illus. 
    Currò Pisanò AIIN 1962-4, pp. 232-3, 237
    Though Orsi associated this hd. with the 
        destruction of Caulonia by Dionysius I, 
        none of the coins need be later than 
        410 B.C. and all may be a good deal 

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