IGCH 1917

Closing date: 370 B.C.
1917 South Italy, 1887
    Burial: c. 370 B.C.? (K)
    Contents: 22+ AR
     Taras: 3 st. (1 oecist; 2 horsemen, Per. II, 
        D1, E5)
         Thurium: st. (incl. 2 signed Molossus) 
         Caulonia: a few st. (late types)
         Croton: 1 st. (Hera/std. Heracles)
         Terina: c. 12 st. (incl. Regling 7-16, 30, 44, 
    Disposition: dispersed
    Evans, NC 1889, pp. 41-2
    Evans dated the burial c. 388 B.C. in rela-
        tion to a supposed occupation of Terina 
        in that year by Dionysius I, for which 
        there appears to be no certain evidence 
        (Regling, Terina, p. 5). The coins of 
        Thurium, signed by Molossus, are 
        probably somewhat later than this

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