IGCH 1923

Closing date: 370 B.C. - 330 B.C.
1923 Altamura, Apulia, 1960 
    Burial: mid 4th cent. B.C. (K)
    Contents: 172 AR. Pot hoard found by chance 
        within walled area of city
     Taras: 52 st. (majority Per. III, but a few 
        Per. IV, as Vlasto 508)
         Heracleia: 1 st. (cf. Work 31) 
         Metapontum: 30 st. (incl. 6 incuse; double-
        relief to end of Noe II, incl. 514, 521,
         Poseidonia: 8 st. (incl. 4th cent.)
         Sybaris: 3 st. (incuse)
         Thurium: 19 st. (incl. SNGOxford 957, 960) 
         Velia: 20 st. (to SNGOxford 1169 ff. and 
         Caulonia: 10 st. (to Noe 177 ff.)
         Croton: 18 st. (incl. 11 incuse; latest issues 
        cf. SNGCop. 1777-8, 1804)
         Terina: 11 st. (incl. Regling Grp. VII)
    Disposition: Altamura, Museo Civico. The 
        hd. was initially dispersed, but is 
        believed nearly all recovered
    Unpublished. Noted by K, April 1972, through 
        the cooperation of the Soprintendente, 
        Prof. F. G. Lo Porto, and Signore P. Lo Ca-
        po. In the present uncleaned state of many 
        of the coins the terminal issues noted above 
        should be treated as approximate only. A 
        full publication in preparation by Miss 
        M. P. Alecu

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