IGCH 2058

Closing date: 100 B.C. - 1 B.C.
2058 Strongoli (anc. Petelia), 25 km. N of 
(1012)     Croton, Bruttium, 1880
    Burial: 1st cent. B.C.? (K)
    Contents: 1 EL, 6 AR, 4 AE. From a plundered 
    Social War: 1 den. (as BMC, p. 330, 31) 
    Petelia: 3 AE (Apollo/Artemis; Demeter/ 
        Zeus; Mars/Victory)
         Suessa: 1 AE (Pallas/cock)
         Syracuse: 1 EL (Apollo/lyre)
         Roman Rep.: 5 den. (families Calpurnia,
        Cassia, Cipia, Minucia, Servilia)
    Disposition: dispersed
    NSc 1881, p. 97
    The association of these coins is doubtfully 
        ancient. The Syracusan electrum is 
        late 4th cent.; the AE coins are 3rd 
        cent.; and the identifiable Roman AR 
        are Cipia, late 2nd cent. and Social 
        War den. early 1st cent. The gold coin 
        of Justinian reported as associated 
        with the above must in any case be 

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