IGCH 0002

Findspot: Athens, 37.974722 (geo:lat) 23.7225 (geo:long)
Closing date: 525 B.C. - 515 B.C.
2 , c. 1788
    Burial: c. - B.C. (T)
    Contents: 26+ AR
    Eretria: 3 fr. (Mionnet 16-18)
    Athens: 1 Wappenm. tetradr. (gorgon/
       panther hd., Mionnet 15)
      17 Wappenm. didr., fr. (Mionnet 
    Disposition: Paris 26
    Mionnet II (1807), pp. 112-3
    Cousinéry, Voyage dans la Macédoine II (Paris, 
        1831), pp. 123, 128-9, (line drawings of some 
    Beulé, Les monnaies d'Athènes (Paris, 1858), 
        pp. 15-6, 30-1
    Mommsen, Hist. de la monnaie romaine I (Paris, 
        1865), p. 72, note 1
    Köhler, AM 1884, p. 358
    Seltman, Athens, p. 146
    Noe's record omits the Eretrian fractions 
        and includes three owls. E. J. P. 
        Raven (in a letter dated Oct. 3, 1951)
        points out that the three earliest ac-
        counts of the hd. indicate the presence 
        of the Euboean coins but provide no 
        evidence for the owls. The confusion 
        in the later reports would seem, as he 
        says, to stem from Cousinéry's line 
        drawings (pl. 4) which include owls as 
        examples of later Athenian issues

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