IGCH 0052

52 Larissa environs (Zarkon?), Thessaly, 
    Burial: before 350 B.C. (Hackens) 
    Contents: c. 2000 AR
    Larissa: st. (some)
            dr. (a great many) 
    Locri Opuntii: st. (some) 
    Boeotia: st. (many); dr.? 
    Athens: tetradr. (at least one) 
    Sicyon: st. (some)
    Disposition: Athens 2 (Larissa dr., Boeotia 
        st.); G. Hirsch Sales June 25-8, 1963, 
        nos. 1187-1200, 1207-9, 1212-6; Feb. 
        21-22, 1963, nos. 341-51, 368-374
    Varoucha, A Delt 19 (1964), Chronika, pp. 8-9, 
    Hackens, RBN 1967, p. 250
    Information from P. Franke who estimates that 
        the hoard, of which he has some casts, origi-
        nally contained c. 4000 coins
    Possibly no. 55 below is part of this large hd.

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