IGCH 0059

Closing date: 350 B.C.
59 Boeotia ?, c. 1930
    Burial: c.  B.C. (Oeconomides, Picard) 
    Contents: 183+ AR
    Lot A
    Haliartus: 1 st. (5th cent.)
    Tanagra: 3 st. (5th cent.)
    Thebes: 1 st. (mill-sail)
            54 st. (amphora, almost all 4th 
            2 st. (Dionysus hd.)
            27 st. (magistrates)
            16 st. (unident.)
    Boeotia: 1 st. 
    Athens: 5 tetradr.
    Aegina: 25 st. (14 turtle, 9 tortoise) 
    Sicyon: 10 st.
    Lot B
    Locri Opuntii: 3 st.
    Tanagra: 1st.
    ANS 1944.100.20120
            1 st. (mill-sail)
            3 st. (amphora)
            2 st. (Dionysus hd.)
            9 st. (Heracles types)
            1 st. (female figure)
            4 st. (magistrates)
    Aegina: 9 st. (4 turtle, 5 tortoise; some 
    Sicyon: 5 st.
    Disposition: Athens 145 (Lot A); com-
        merce, Athens 38 (Lot B); New York 1
        (Thebes from Lot B)
    The coins listed in Lot A reached the Athens 
        cabinet "before 1940;" a detailed list and 
        sonic casts of Lot B are in the ANS, recorded 
        as a hd. shown to Newell by an Athenian 
        dealer in 1931. Both lots would seem to 
        belong to the same hd., found c. 1930 (Noe 
        464). Some or all of another lot of coins, 
        acquired by the Athens Cabinet "before 
        1940" and labelled as "probably a hoard," 
        may belong to this find: 3 dr. of Boeotia,
        1 tetradr. of Athens, 25 st. and 1 triob. of 

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