IGCH 0071

Closing date: 350 B.C. - 325 B.C.
71 Lamia, Thessaly, c. 1935-1936 
    Burial: c. - B.C. (T)
    Contents: AR Large hoard
    Larissa: st.; dr.
    Locri Opuntii: st.
    Thebes: st. (incl. some with magistrates) 
    Aegina: st. (incl. 1 tortoise)
    Disposition: dispersed
    Information from E. S. G. Robinson to E. J. P. 
        Raven and from M. Kambanis to S. P. Noe. 
        Kambanis first calls it the Naupactus hd. 
        but later says it comes from Lamia

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