IGCH 0111

111 Thessaly (Larissa or Crannon), c. 1937 
    Burial: late 4th cent. B.C. (T)
    Contents: c. 69 AR
    Philip II: 4 tetradr.
    Alexander III: 29 tetradr. 
    Larissa: 8 dr.; 2 fr.
    Pharsalus: 4 dr. or fr.
    Locri Opuntii: 1 st.
    Thebes: 10 st.
    Athens: 8 tetradr. (4th cent.) 
    Sicyon: 3 st.
    Disposition: dispersed
    Two letters from W. Schwabacher reporting what 
        seems to be essentially the same hd.; in one 
        case the findspot is given as "near Crannon" 
        and in the other as "near Larissa"

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