IGCH 1877

Closing date: 500 B.C.
1877 South Italy, c. 1950
    Burial: c. 500 B.C. (K) 
    Contents: c. 200 incuse AR
    Metapontum: 28+ st. (to Noe 235)
            1+ dr. (as Noe 31 ?)
            1+ diob. (as Noe 264) 
         Sybaris: 10+ st.
         Caulonia: 2+ st. (Noe Grp. A)
            1+ dr. (obv. and rev. ΚVΑΛΟ
         Croton: 6+ st. (1 with rev. eagle)
    Disposition: dispersed
    Information about what in each case appears to 
        be the same hd. is derived from several 
        sources: a list of 49 varieties (as above) in 
        the ANS; a report in the ANS of coins seen 
        on the market in 1950; a group of coins 
        belonging to Col. G. dc Laval, "acquired 
        from an Italian traveller around 1950," and 
        photographed at Stockholm in the early 
        fifties; uniform color suggested that they 
        were from a hd. These coins reappeared in 
        Glendining s. Apr. 18, 1955 (Laval), lots 
        99-104 (Metapontum), 116-8 and the third-
        stater of 119 (Sybaris), 133 (Caulonia) and 
        135 (Croton); 117 is now at Oxford (SNG 
    These three sources all appear to relate to a single 
        large hd. containing only the earlier incuse 

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