IGCH 1904

Closing date: 410 B.C. - 405 B.C.
1904 Paestum (anc. Poseidonia), Lucania,
(782)     1858
    Burial: c. 410-405 B.C. (K)
    Contents: 1000+ AR
    Taras: st. (to horsemen, Per. II) 
         Heracleia: 2 st.; fr. 
         Metapontum: st. (to Noe 334-44) 
         Poseidonia: very many st.
         Thurium: very many st. 
         Velia: st.; dr.
    Disposition: dispersed
† Sambon, Sur un dépôt de monnaies grecques trouvé 
        dans une terve de l'ancienne Lucanie (Naples, 
    Sambon, Recherches, pp. 30-2
    Evans, NC 1889, pp. 39-42
    Pozzi, AIIN 1962-4, pp. 147-58
    Kraay, SNR 1970, pp. 47-72
    Sambon records the presence in this hd.. of 
        a number of Campano-Tarentine st.; 
        Pozzi accordingly dates the burial c. 
        300 B.C. In view of the total absence of 
        coins which can be dated between 400 
        and 300 B.C. Kraay regards the asso-
        ciation of Campano-Tarentine st. as 
        mistaken, and treats the hd. as a late 
        5th cent. burial

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