IGCH 1962

Closing date: 280 B.C.
1962 Capua, S. Maria, Campania, 1855
    Burial: c. 280 B.C. (K)
    Contents: 88 AR
    Hyria: 2 st. (1 obv. "Cerere;" possibly 
        facing Hera hd.)
         Neapolis: 54 st.
         Taras: 15 st.
         Metapontum: 2 st. (Leucippus types) 
         Croton: 1 st. (tripod/eagle)
         Velia: 11 st. (Athena/lion)
         Roman Rep.: 2 st. (Mars/horse hd.)
    Disposition: unknown
    Ruggiero, Degli scavi di antichita nelle prov. . . .
        Napoli, 1743-1876 (Naples, 1888), p. 325
    The above coins are simply listed as having 
        been found in excavations "legalmente 
        intrapresi," but quantity and distribu-
        tion suggest an early 3rd cent. hd.; 
        two aes grave and one AE of Capua, 
        also listed, as well as a quantity of 
        gold jewelry, presumably do not belong

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