IGCH 2186

Closing date: 300 B.C. - 270 B.C.
2186 Pachino, extreme SE Sicily, 1921
    Burial: early 3rd cent. B.C. (K)
    Contents: 250+ EL, AV, 100 AR
    Lot A-Orsi
    Syracuse: AV (Agathocles, quadr., thunder-
            tetradr. (Agathocles, Nike and 
         Carthage: EL (prob. Jenkins-Lewis, Grp. V) 
         Siculo-Punic: tetradr.
    Alexander III: tetradr.
    Lot B-Ravel
    Syracuse: 10 AV (Agathocles, thunderbolt) 
            70 AR (Agathocles, reduced wt. 
    Pegasi: several
    Disposition: Syracuse 4 (Pachino 1922 and 
        1924) presumably this bd.; New York
        (Syracusan pegasus); Ravel 21 re-
        duced wt. pegasi of Syracuse (in-
        cluding 9 from Ferruccio Brandis Sale, 
        Canessa, May 22, 1922, 300-8). This 
        collection also contained 4 AV of Aga-
        thocles with thunderbolt rev. (nos. 
        253-6) and 6 EL shekels of Carthage of 
        Grp. V-VII (nos. 367-72), possibly 
        also from this hd.
    Orsi's notes
    Ravel, NC 1925, pp. 22-8, illus.
    Jenkins-Lewis, Carthage, p. 58
    CurrĂ² PisanĂ², AIIN 1962-4, pp. 225-6, 239
    It seems likely that both Lots A and B 
        relate to a single hd.

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